Our Team.

Through Shane’s own experience with Business Brokers Qld and investing in a few different businesses, it was found that good bookkeeping is hard to find, support for business owners is not readily available and that document management is something that no one really understands or practices until there’s a big issue. And so, Business Bookkeepers Queensland was formed.

Initially, this was venture which serviced only internal and related businesses, until we realised that there is a need for good bookkeepers and support. Kate, Shane’s daughter, was brought in to help with the growth of clients while studying at university, and quickly the business has taken on more services and more businesses. With Jo now part of the team, its our vision to help more business owners get their affairs in order, their business organised, and that ‘work-life’ balance that everyone who is NOT a business owner thinks we have!


Kate Shaw Director


B.Comm (Attg) (FinPlan)

Kate’s role as managing director is crucial in ensuring the right contribution from each expert is applied to each client’s work in the most effective and efficient way. Her experience in a range of businesses and her knowledge in accounting and financial planning is also applied where complex client issues may arise.

Jo website pic.png

Jo Malicki Bookkeeper

B.Comm (Attg) (FinPlan)

Jo’s education in accounting and financial planning, as well as, her experience as a business owner is a great asset to our clients, as work is completed and reviewed to a standard in which accountants are happy to receive at the end of the financial year.


Shane Dingley Director

B.Bus (Info Sys). MAppFin F FIN MAIBB CPBB RBV

Shane has a strong finance, corporate reform and business improvement background. Shane contributes to most aspects of the business and in particular our business growth and development. He also works directly with many of our clients, in particular in the assessment stage, advising on business planning, business improvement and valuation services.